Written Thursday May 19th at 1:20 pm
As I sit here I’m surrounded by activity working towards completing our brew house and supporting processes so I can brew our first batches of beer on the commercial system. I will be brewing over 600 gallons of beer in the next 72 hours.
We have had over 250 pounds of grain delivered, many hoses and pumps, and hops and yeast are on the way. Our system has been sitting in the building as we go through months of permits and construction. Now that it is in place, watching water boil has never been so rewarding.
We will go through water batches testing the performance of the equipment at each step before we use any ingredients. We will then go through the cleaning and passivation of the tanks to ensure everything is absolutely clean. Finally, we will sanitize every piece of equipment that is involved in transferring the beer after it has been chilled and during fermentation.
We have many hours of work before the first batch is brewed, but we are so close it is incredibly exciting. I brewed two batches for the Growler Club several weeks ago. It had been so long since I brewed that I honestly missed it. The smells, the process, being involved in the creation of something that has the power to make people happy.
This time tomorrow I hope to have the grains in the mash tun and making an English Pale Ale. This beer is characterized by a nice malt balance and classic English hop aroma. The next batch will be our Hefeweizen. The German wheat beer has a clover and banana note typical of the yeast used specifically for this style.
Next week it is on to our hoppy beers. I will make Super 8, a beer named after the line of Packards with 8 hop additions. This beer highlights the Citra hop beloved by hop heads. I will also be brewing the powerhouse of our line up, Hoptimism.

Imminent Opening and Events Planned for June

The most common response when someone walks in the door for the first time is, “Oh Wow!” We will be releasing a video soon to show everyone the unique environment we will have in our building. We are on the home stretch of construction and are starting to work on finish details.
Before we open we will be taking part in a great event with the Carr Foundation. On June 11th we will be closing down Franklin Street and welcoming the runners, their friends and family, and the general public to the post run party. Our chef will be serving grilled chicken and summer vegetables as well as our beer. We will also have live music including Guss Moon and Clown Shoes. Tickets will be available through our website, WasserBrewing.com. 50% of the proceeds from the street party will go to the A Kinetic Change program.
We are also selling memberships in our growler club. Members will receive a special stainless steel growler, 12 growler fills, and be invited to special events and release parties.