IMG_1189We have purchased a fabulous building in Greencastle a block from the courthouse square and easy walking distance from DePauw University. The building is commonly known as the old Napa building. Prior to being a Napa dealership, it was a Packard dealership. We look forward to renovating the building to its historic roots and emphasizing this important American automobile by partnering with Packard owners and other automobile groups.

We will have outdoor seating in the front of the building as well as family dining and a bar that wraps around our brewing house. The fermenters will be on the side of the building that faces Vine street and people will be able to see these tanks as they walk down the street.Floor Plan

The interior has beautiful trusses supporting the original barrel back roof and these will be exposed to the dining area. We will also have a full kitchen to serve creative interpretations of food easily paired with beer. We have also paid a great deal of attention to the placement of the stage. We look forward to hearing some great music and many happy diners in the brew pub.