After teaching for over 15 years, I had seen many quality education programs eliminated due to lack of funding, so I decided to do something about it. I decided to make beer and donate money to help these programs continue.

I began the transition from home brewer to brewer by interning at the Shlafly Brewpub in St. Louis. I discovered I loved spending my day cleaning kegs, thinking about beer recipes, and talking about the origins of Belgian yeast strains. It was this experience that pushed me to continue my education by completing a course with the Siebel Institute of Technology in brewing sciences.

To gain the business acumen to move from teacher to CEO, I worked with the Indiana Small Business Development Center and Hometown Visions. Here, I examined the demographics of Putnam County to see if it was feasible to open a brewpub in my home town. I highly benefited from the mentoring of these organizations as they helped me develop a business plan and turn my dream into reality. You can read about us on Indiana On Tap!