This program is at the heart of my transition from being a teacher to opening a brewery. I have taught on the Navajo Reservation, in urban areas including the greater Los Angeles area and Indianapolis as well as in the Indiana Department of Correction. I have always been proud of working in effective programs that make a difference. Yet over the last ten years, quality educational programs I worked for were downsized or shuttered for fiscal reasons.

As I pondered opening a brewery with friends and family, my brother-in-law suggested I tie the business to my desire to improve education and the Wasser Foundation was born. We have committed ourselves to using two percent of our profits annually to support education programs that make a difference. Anyplace our beer is served, teachers can apply for grants and hopefully we can help them continue to improve education.

The Wasser Foundation believes the single most important issue in education today is the retention of qualified, highly trained, veteran teachers. We will support any programs and reforms that further this goal. Grant applications will be judged on the effectiveness of the programs and if they support teachers. We look forward to the growth of the 2% for Teachers program.