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Our Beer

Abiding Traditions

A dark beer with a strong malt flavor that is also a house beer in our Abiding Traditions line. Chocolate and rye malt combine with the Belgian yeast to produce an unmistakable flavor that carries on the style created centuries ago by the Abbey Monks. The beer is black with a rocky head that helps the flavors linger.

English ale yeast complements the malt and hop profile of this beer and makes it a good pairing for many items on our menu. This well balanced beer meets traditional guidelines for IBU and ABV. We take advantage of modern hop bursting techniques with great West Coast aroma hops, yet it is truly a pale ale, not a cross over into the IPA style.

This traditional German wheat is a great beer on a warm summer day. The approachable flavors are a good choice for someone new to craft beer. This beer is usually a hazy straw color. The most dominant flavors are restrained fruit notes produced by the specialty yeast. Our hefeweizen is part of our Abiding Traditions line of beers and is brewed true to style.

Artistic Innovations

A truly unique beer. The traditional Belgian malt goes on a wild ride through the garden with bay leaves and fennel used for bittering and flavor. Watch for this to be a seasonally evolving beer that allows us to experiment with unusual ingredients and partnerships with local producers.

A bold, aggressive hop forward beer that will be a hallmark of our Artistic Innovations line. Hop bursting techniques focus the aroma of Mosaic, Centennial, and Simcoe hops to levels that exceed 100 IBU’s. This beer has a strong malt backbone to support the bitterness and is an uplifting experience for those optimistic enough to take a sip.

A Belgian Golden Ale is modernized with New World hops. This ale softens the malt of a traditional golden to make it more drinkable and sets a new standard for hybrids of old and new styles. Like its namesake, it combines tradition and innovation.

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